Projects Supported


Projects supported in 2021/2022 :

Omni System

For: children aged 5 -10

FFC funded a “Mobility Programme for Young People with Complex Disabilities”, with the purchase of a new Omni system to work with their TinyTrax wheelchairs, which allows TinyTrax chairs to connect to external joysticks/switches so that children can use it to learn the direction of travel and start/stop.

After Care
with a Support Dog

For a child with autism, adapting to life with a support dog and their possible other specific health conditions brings its own initial hurdles as well as being a new element for the family to adjust to.

Our grant provided essential aftercare for one child and their family for 1 year. This includes access to expert advice, support for the child whenever he needs it, access to the training centre. The child’s needs may change or increase over time and the training team monitors the partnership very closely. The partnership will be followed up individually at least every six months with an autism service dog trainer. The grant also covers travel costs to the centre for their regular assessment sessions and direct care, as well as any necessary equipment.


Sensory Equipment

FFC has provided sensory equipment for a Sensory Room (safe space) to help provide Cruz, a young boy aged 3 who has congenital heart disease and is non-verbal, so as to encourage him with mental stimulation and also to provide him with a tranquil environment to relax.

“Aladdin” Musical Show

The FFC bought  tickets for the performance of Aladdin for 60 disabled children and young people aged 3 – 17 from the Borough of Ealing. For some of them it was the very first time they had seen a musical.

Children’s Festival Food Relief

For : 120 Children aged 5 to 17, who have suffered a COVID-related bereavement and be struggling with the lack of school meals.
Frankie provided food parcels each to family. Parcels included festival treats, as well as healthy ingredients, to encourage family cooking projects during the holiday, promoting family-time and food education.


TheraPutty Sessions

For : 29 young girls aged between 6 and 12. Frankie purchased “TheraPutty” to provide sensory feedback, grounding and comfort to these children, suffering loss of family members, illness or anxiety due to Covid.

Activity Camps with Harry Potter theme 2022

For : Teenagers in distress
This camp at the British seaside, was funded by the Frankie Foundation for 16 young people from The Exodus Project. The camp involved a bike trek, cooking and craft activities, wide games, board games, PC games,  trip to a play centre, escape room and hoverboards, all with an exciting Harry Potter theme.

During the pandemic, The Frankie Foundation for Children donated a total of 34 laptops to charities working with sick and disadvantaged children.  The laptops enabled the charities to support children who were learning remotely and wouldn’t otherwise have had access to the technology they needed to continue with their studies.



Purchase of a Buddy Dog through The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. Our donation has gone towards partnering Joseph who is visually impaired and has autism with his buddy dog Belle.

CostumEyes Books

Funding for the creation of 170 bespoke large print books for children and young people living with sight loss

Specific Equipment for disabled children – 2021

Purchase of a complete Computer System for disable/special need to
Get Set Girls Charity


Funding the whole day event at Kidszania in Shepherd’s Bush, London for 91 children affected by sight loss from the Royal National Institute of Blind People

MUSICAL – 2020

Purchase of tickets to see the Lion King for 26 children from the Happy Days children’s Charity


Finance 5 group session in the Red Boots Nursery for 17 Children of The National Institute Of Conductive Education

Awaiting your donation to purchase a specially trained dog to give to a child with autistic disorder.


Cultural visits and fun outings offered to children of the FFC

Visit London’s Eye, London Aquarium, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, London zoo, get invited to Musicals and many other outings.
 Mountains or countryside holidays and animals farm visits, Introductions to sports and creative workshops.